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How to Stand Up Paddle Board?

Always start out in calm, flat water and keep in mind you could be falling! So unless you’re in the tropics, a wetsuit may be a good idea. Get the board out into in water so the fin is free from hitting the bottom. Start out on your knees and take a few strokes on […]

How To Hold The Paddle?

Before we start paddling, we need to learn the correct technique to hold the paddle. Although this might sound obvious, there are some tricks worth knowing. When you swim, you bend your fingers slightly into to the form of a cup. Most kayak paddles do the same with their blades. The cup of the blade […]

Canoe and Kayak Paddles

Materials and designs Paddles commonly used in canoes consist of a wooden, fibreglass, carbon fibre or metal rod (the shaft) with a handle on one end and a rigid sheet (the blade) on the other end. Paddles for use in kayaks are longer, with a blade on each end; they are handled from the middle […]